Australia Wide Deal – 10% Off Our Dog Doors for Security Doors

Custom Screens is happy to offer this special to any person across Australia.

You will receive:

  • 10 % Off our RRP for Petway Dog Doors
  • Postage Included

Choosing the Correct Size

Petway Pet Doors come in 3 sizes:


Small Pet Doors

Dimensions: 240mm (9½”) high x 190mm (7½”) wide
This dog door is only suitable for most size cats and small and some breed medium size dogs.

Medium Pet Doors

Dimensions: 305mm (12″) high x 225mm (9″) wide
Suitable for all medium size dogs.

Large Pet Doors

Dimensions: 400mm (15¾”) high x 260mm (10¼”) wide
Suitable for most large size dogs

Dog Door Tip: To Choose the right size dog door for your Security Door. Cut the dimensions of the flap opening out
of a piece of cardboard and see which size your pet is most comfortable going through.


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