Custom Screens & Security have been providing Perth security doors, security screens and security windows for over 35 years. We have recently expanded our business to include manufacturing aluminium doorsaluminium windows along with a Perth security door repair service. Invisi-Maxx stainless steel cyclone security screens combine the benefits associated with the 316 marine-grade stainless-steel mesh with extruded aluminium exterior framing which certainly appears nice and advanced while retaining visibility along with offering superior protection. A product offering this kind of superior level of security offers infinite possibilities for our precious clients. Overlook the balls destroying your windows. Projectiles, pebbles, tree branches and other flying items will just bounce off cyclone high-quality panels. Most of these advantages come at no additional expense as soon as you purchase our window protections.

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The Toughest Cyclone Security Screen

Among the most difficult tests of durability carried out on a security system is the ‘Cyclonic Missile Impact Test’ as reported by Australian Standards AS1170 – 1989.

During this test, a 4.0 kg piece of wood aims at the centre of the screen and is eventually released at a speed of fifteen metres per second or fifty-four kilometres per hour during impact.

Aside from that stopping the 4.0 kg piece of timber, there wasn’t any specific crack of the mesh but just a compact deformation at the heart of the screen! Thus those panels really don’t need replacement and of course are designed for more cruel treatments in extreme weather conditions.