Custom Windows have been providing Perth security doors and security windows for over 35 years and are now manufacturing aluminium stacker doors right here in Perth.

We have recently expanded our business to include manufacturing aluminium doors, aluminium windows along with a Perth security door repair service.

Custom Windows proudly manufacture and install aluminium stacker security doors across all areas in the Perth metro area. Country areas can only be offered a supply-only option.

Custom Windows have chosen to use Carinya aluminium door products because of their strength and quality.

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Aluminium Door Kits (CKD)

As one of Perth’s and WA’s largest wholesalers of custom-built Aluminium doors, we are proud to expand our offerings. Now available are our custom-built Aluminium Door Kits (CKD), designed for easy assembly and installation by fabricators. By choosing our kits, you are buying directly from a 100% Australian-owned and operated WA business. Whether you need a frame for single or double-glazed glass windows or doors, or commercial and Cyclonic-rated systems, we have you covered.

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What Are Aluminium Stacker Doors?

Aluminium stacker doors or aluminium stacking doors are sliding panel doors. The panels in a stacking door slide across and on top of the first panel.

Stacker doors can be multiple fixed panels from three doors up to six doors. This gives our aluminium stacker doors the ability to close and open over a very large area.

You can use stacker doors for your alfresco or patio area giving you extra space in your entertaining area.

Stacker doors can be used in office spaces or showrooms perfect for creating new large spaces or ensuring the view is not affected. They can also be fitted with double glazed glass panels.

Stacker doors work by having multiple sliding panels moving in a channel, where the doors slide and are stacked on top of each other all on one side of the doorway.

Stacker doors are designed to stack the glass panels away neatly leaving an unobstructed opening, making your indoors part of you outdoors and not ruining any view.

How Wide Can Aluminium Stacker Doors Be?

Aluminium stacker doors can be up to 1.5m wide per panel, with stacker screen doors having three to six panels.

This can cover an open area of up to 6.5m wide. These doors truly can merge the inside and outside of your homes by offering an opening between two living or entertaining areas.

Custom Windows use the highest quality door systems from Carinya.

Carinya is recognised as the supplier of premium aluminium windows and doors for residential and commercial across Australia.

The sliding systems are designed to ensure:

  • Fully weather sealed around the full sliding door perimeter.
  • Doors seal together when sliding and stacking to ensure no wind whistle or loss of performance.
  • High-quality durable rollers slide open quietly and smoothly for years and years.
  • Key locking for added security.
  • Multiple colour options to match any home or business.
  • Can fit multiple glass options.
  • Availability in multiple configurations, like our aluminium sliding doors.

Can Aluminium Stacker Doors Have Security Screens?

Aluminium stacker doors can have a security screen fitted. These security fly screens can be designed with insect screens or can be fitted with a see-through security screen.

Custom Windows can help you choose the best screen for your home, Invisi-Gard security screens are see-thru but are burglar-proof.

Invisi-Gard screens are impact-resistant and are made of stainless-steel mesh.