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Custom Screens & Security have been manufacturing, supplying and installing residential and commercial Perth security screens for over three decades. Trust Western Australia's most reliable security company to provide your home or business with a premium security screen solution.

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Perth's Security Screens Experts

Custom Screens & Security have been providing premium residential and commercial Security Screens solutions to our valued Perth metro and country WA customers for over thirty-five years.

With a huge range of colours, finishes and styles available, our specialist team can design custom Security Screens to perfectly match your property's look and feel.

All of our Security Screens are manufactured using the highest-grade materials available and incorporate the latest advancements in security technology to guarantee maximum strength and durability for years to come.

No matter if you are renovating or building, trust that Custom Screens & Security can manufacture you Security Screens that are not just unrivalled in quality, but individually tailored to meet your unique needs and requirements.

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Perth Security Screens

Invisi-Gard Security Screens Perth

Invisi-Gard security screens are one of the only screens to feature EGP (Extreme Grip Protection) preservation strategy which locks the 316 marine-grade stainless-steel mesh into its sturdy structure solution.

EGP is one of Australia’s ideal security screen systems thanks to its use of the highest quality materials within its class of products and offers vital functionality. The mix of these sorts of important features provides supreme security for all your loved ones.

The quality of Invisi-Gard security screens is second to none and holds a 15-year warranty on the screen.

Alu-Gard Security Screens Perth

Alu-Gard is a cost-effective method for adding aluminium mesh to your home. This aluminium security screen is made from perforated aluminium that is maintained by a frame.

Their durable screens are rigorously tested for their strength and have passed multiple tests from knives, impacts, and more – so you can have peace of mind that your home is under the best in maximum protection.

The Alu-Gard security screen system looks good on your security doors and is corrosion resistant. It is the ultimate protection, strength and clarity of vision product for your home. All our security screens have a huge 24-month workmanship warranty and the Alu-Gard security screen holds a further 7-year warranty.

Alu-Gard Edge Security Screens Perth

The Alu-Gard Edge is a PVC pressure retention system installed around the edges of the security door system that retains the Alu-Gard perforated aluminium security screen sheet inside the frame, vastly improving its strength. This allows the screen to pass knife shear and jemmy tests, showing that it does a fantastic job at protecting your home.

Alu-Gard Edge provides peace of mind security and corrosion resistance while still maintaining a great look. The perforated 1.6mm-thick aluminium sheet is powder-coated to ensure exacting standards.

Alu-Gard Edge products are custom-made by Custom Screens & Security – so you know that great service is used to make the solution suit your exact requirements

Cyclone Security Screens Perth

Invisi-Gard stainless steel cyclone security screens combine 316 marine-grade stainless-steel mesh with extruded aluminium exterior framing to provide added security to the entire screen.

Among the most difficult tests of durability carried out on a security system is the ‘Cyclonic Missile Impact Test’ as reported by Australian Standards AS1170 – 1989. Being able to withstand 4.0kg of wood hitting the screen at a speed of 54km/hr, it’s proven to be a highly durable screen option.

Whether you’re looking to protect your windows, sliding doors, or more, you can rest assured that your home will be much better prepared for harsh weather conditions thanks to Cyclone screens.

Security Screen Prices

When it comes to price, Custom Screens & Security have you covered. Our standard-sized window screens range between $150.00 and $450.00 per window depending on the grade of the screen.

The types of screens available are as follows:

Grille screens – from $150.00 per window

Aluminium or steel screens (medium grade) – From $250.00 per window

Steel or stainless-steel screens (high grade) – From $300.00 per window

Steel or stainless-steel screens (extra heavy duty) – From $450.00 per window

Price is always something that needs to be considered when installing any security screen or security screen door, but the fantastic service we provide along with the window is second to none.

Custom Screens & Security Product Range

Custom Screens & Security offers unrivalled security and style across our range of security products. We specialise in providing custom-made security screen, security door and security window solutions and are dedicated to consistently providing our valued customers with outstanding service and premium-grade products.

All of our security products provide maximum protection against unwanted visitors without compromising on aesthetic and build quality. We’re confident in this guarantee because our manufacturing and installation process has been refined to adhere to the highest standards in our industry.

With so many different styles, colours and materials available for you to fully customise your security screen door or window to your exact liking. Ensure the security of your home or business with high-quality security product from Custom Screens & Security today.


Excellent Service

Our service philosophy is the very same as it was when we began operating in Perth, WA more than 35 years ago – the client comes first. We are dedicated to consistently providing our valued customers with outstanding service and high-quality Security Screens products.

WA Owned & Operated

Custom Screens & Security is proudly a 100% Western Australian, family-owned and operated company.

Custom From Start to Finish

At Custom Screens & Security, we specialise in providing 100% custom-made security solutions to suit our customer’s exact needs and requirements.

Huge Range of Colours & Styles

Our premium Security Screens come in a variety of colours and styles. All of our security products can be powder-coated to match the style of your property.

Highly Qualified & Experienced

We have been operating within Western Australia for over 35 years. This means that you can rest assured that Custom Screens & Security has the necessary technical knowledge and experience to advise you on how to best secure your house or commercial property.

Maximum Level of Protection

All of our Security Screens provide maximum protection against unwanted visitors without compromising on style and quality. We’re confident in this guarantee because our manufacturing and installation process has been refined to adhere to the highest standards in our industry.

Manufactured Locally In-House

All of our Security Screens are manufactured by Custom Screens & Security locally within our factory in Bassendean. Our Security Screens have all been engineered to be able to withstand Australia’s harsh elements and stand the test of time.

Repair & Maintenance

Once your Security Screens are installed, we can provide repair and maintenance services to ensure that your Security Screens remain in optimal condition for years to come.

Modern Technology

We constantly test new products and keep up with the latest advancements in the security industry so we are able to provide our customers with the very best products available.

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At Custom Screens & Security, we believe that we will not be beaten for value, quality, service, and range.

With over three decades of operating within Perth and country Western Australia, trust that Custom Screens & Security have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the perfect Security Screens solution, no matter your budget or unique requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why using our doors for your home or business – These doors are your best defence against intruders. They are a visual and structural deterrent boosting the level of your homes security. Modern doors are visually appealing as well as being effective in keeping out insects. Not only do these doors protect your home and family but they allow light and ventilation into your home.

They are worth the investment if you ensure you choose a door that is of a good quality. Our doors range in price and quality and you normally pay for what you receive. There is a difference between a security door and an insect screen, one will keep insects out the other should assist in the security of your home. Ensure your door is built by a reputable company who offer a warranty and uses a high-quality screen and door assembly, as an example Invisi-gard doors are renowned to be a market leader.

Security doors can be broken into, how long it takes to penetrate or remove the door and with what force required differs in the quality of the screen and door assembly. Some doors are nearly impenetrable to human force. This video (CLICK HERE) shows the strength of one of the highest quality screens available on market and how it is basically impenetrable or burglar proof. It is very important to ask before you purchase a door what impact testing the door screen has passed, what is the warranty provided on the screen and the door frame and ensure the company you have purchased from is reputable and is likely to be in business long enough to ensure the warranty offered.

Such doors are a very effective visual deterrent for would be intruders. When purchasing a door that is effective as a physical barrier ensure you look for the highest quality screen and door assembly available on market. Stainless steel mesh doors like the Invisi-gard screens offer the highest quality safety, are visually appealing and are criminal safe. The Invisi-gard screens come with a 15-year warranty. Watch this video to see how strong these screens really are (Click Here).

Our doors lock with a key driven locking mechanism. The locking mechanism can be a single point system which locks near the keylock into an external frame or for the best results a triple lock system which locks at 2 other points on the external frame, above and below the key Lock. This give the door a much stronger fixing into the framing offering higher security.

The best doors to buy if you are looking for the most protection is the steel frame and stainless-steel mesh doors. The best quality doors will offer a frame with a deep receiver channel that is plastic or rubber clamped creating less corrosion to the frame. The door systems should have a triple locking system and 3 hinges with fixed hinge pins for added security. Always buy from a reputable company that has industry accreditations like ASIAL or NSSA. Only purchase a door that meets the Australian Standard (AS5039-2008) and meets the standard for installation (AS5040).

Most doors can be seen through, but how visually appealing the door is varies on the style. Screen doors that use aluminium or stainless-steel mesh are the most physically appealing as well as:

  • Can be powder coated to a colour to match your home
  • Have little visual obstructions
  • Insect proof
  • Have varying security strengths

These mesh doors can be clearly seen through, the smaller thickness of the mesh strands can improve the visual outlook and can allow more light and air flow throughout your house or business. Grille doors offer small round segments you can see through normally using fly-wire or aluminium mesh to make them insect safe, but do not offer a clear visual experience

Doors can be custom made to fit most French doors. French doors are designed to be very visually appealing so be very selective with your choice of doors. Stainless steel mesh doors not only offer the best protection for your home but can be custom made to match the colour of your French doors.

Mesh doors are see-thru and should not affect the look of your French doors. You can open your French doors and allow Light and airflow through the door space into your home, with the doors giving you a highly effective insect barrier, you can be assured of the strength and safety for your home and families protection with a high-quality mesh for increased security.

Our doors can be custom made to provide relevant security for every business. Dependant on the level of security required and the budget there are many door options. Grille doors are the most cost-effective screens available for doors with Steel Mesh doors being the strongest and most secure.

There are many types of mesh doors and screens which range in price and quality, if you require a high strength security barrier it would be wise to choose a steel mesh door or window screen. Always ensure you are purchasing from a reputable company, the screens meet Australian standards, the door frame is of a very high quality and the screen meets and exceeds impact testing.

Watch this video to see what protection a high-quality Invisi-gard screen can provide to your place of business (CLICK HERE)

Security screen door costs can range from $400 per door to over a $1200 per door. The door prices depend on the quality of the door or screen you select,

  • Grille doors costs range from – $400 to $600 installed
  • Aluminium or Steel Mesh door costs (medium quality) $600 to $900 installed
  • Steel Mesh screen door cost (highest quality) $700 to $1000 installed
  • Steel mesh screen door cost (extra heavy duty) $900- $1200 installed

Our doors range in price from $600 fully installed up to $1200 installed for the highest quality mesh. There are many types of screen mesh on the market, aluminium mesh is a good general mesh to keep out insects and provide a good quality security barrier around your home generally at the lowest cost. Steel mesh is the highest quality security option for a screen door, unlike aluminium mesh it is incredibly impact resistant. The best quality steel screen doors cannot be penetrated by a Sledgehammer, axe or crowbar and helps to make your home burglar proof. Watch this video showing how strong a Invisi-gard stainless-steel screen door is (CLICK HERE).

Our screens range in price (for a standard sized window) from $150 per window to $450 per window, doors range in price from $ 600 per door for aluminium and lower grade steel doors up to $1200 for the highest-grade stainless-steel mesh door.

The types of screens available are as follows:

  • Grille screens – From $150 per window or from $ 400 per door installed.
  • Aluminium or Steel screens (medium grade) – From $250 per window or from $600 per door installed.
  • Steel or Stainless-steel screens (high grade) – From $300 per window or from $700 per door installed.
  • Steel or Stainless-steel screens (extra heavy duty) – From $450 per window or from $900 per door installed.

Always purchase your doors and window screens from a reputable company, ensure Australian standards are met and consider if the company has been in business or will be in business to cover the warranty they are offering.

Doors can be painted but most doors are powder coated and should last between 7 and 10 years (warranty) longer than any hand painting on a door. To paint a door, you would have to disassemble the door to ensure it was coated effectively, this would void any manufacturer warranty. If you wanted to powder coat the door again, unless you had your own powder coating tools in most cases it would be around the same price to purchase a new door.

How to clean your doors?

The easiest and most effective way to clean a door is with a soft bristle brush, sponge and a detergent mix. Here is the step by step guide to clean a door:

  1. Fully open the door
  2. Mix small amount detergent in a bucket of hot water
  3. Brush down the door with the paintbrush and detergent mix which will clean the mesh or flywire screen (do not get water into the locking mechanism)
  4. Go over the door with the brush until you have removed the dirt and grime
  5. With clean TAP water and the sponge thoroughly rinse down the door ( keep water out of the lock and locking mechanism)
  6. Allow the door to dry
  7. Add graphite powder to the lock mechanism


It is suggested you clean your doors regularly dependant on the climate and position of your home, you should consider the following cleaning times dependant on the following areas,

  • Mild condition area (Rural away from the coast and industry) – every 6 months
  • Moderate conditions ( Inland Urban and away from industry) – every 3 months
  • Tropical/Severe ( Coastal within 15km) – every 4-6 weeks