Invisi-Gard Security Screens Perth

Invisi-Gard security screens are one of the only screens to feature EGP (Extreme Grip Protection) preservation strategy which locks the 316 marine-grade stainless-steel mesh into its sturdy structure solution.

EGP is one of Australia’s ideal security screen systems thanks to its use of the highest quality materials within its class of products and offers vital functionality. The mix of these sorts of important features provides supreme security for all your loved ones.

The quality of Invisi-Gard security screens is second to none and holds a 15-year warranty on the screen.

Alu-Gard Security Screens Perth

Alu-Gard is a cost-effective method for adding aluminium mesh to your home. This aluminium security screen is made from perforated aluminium that is maintained by a frame.

Their durable screens are rigorously tested for their strength and have passed multiple tests from knives, impacts, and more – so you can have peace of mind that your home is under the best in maximum protection.

The Alu-Gard security screen system looks good on your security doors and is corrosion resistant. It is the ultimate protection, strength and clarity of vision product for your home. All our security screens have a huge 24-month workmanship warranty and the Alu-Gard security screen holds a further 7-year warranty.

Alu-Gard Edge Security Screens Perth

The Alu-Gard Edge is a PVC pressure retention system installed around the edges of the security door system that retains the Alu-Gard perforated aluminium security screen sheet inside the frame, vastly improving its strength. This allows the screen to pass knife shear and jemmy tests, showing that it does a fantastic job at protecting your home.

Alu-Gard Edge provides peace of mind security and corrosion resistance while still maintaining a great look. The perforated 1.6mm-thick aluminium sheet is powder-coated to ensure exacting standards.

Alu-Gard Edge products are custom-made by Custom Screens & Security – so you know that great service is used to make the solution suit your exact requirements

Cyclone Security Screens Perth

Invisi-Gard stainless steel cyclone security screens combine 316 marine-grade stainless-steel mesh with extruded aluminium exterior framing to provide added security to the entire screen.

Among the most difficult tests of durability carried out on a security system is the ‘Cyclonic Missile Impact Test’ as reported by Australian Standards AS1170 – 1989. Being able to withstand 4.0kg of wood hitting the screen at a speed of 54km/hr, it’s proven to be a highly durable screen option.

Whether you’re looking to protect your windows, sliding doors, or more, you can rest assured that your home will be much better prepared for harsh weather conditions thanks to Cyclone screens.

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Security Screen Prices

When it comes to price, Custom Screens & Security have you covered. Our standard-sized window screens range between $150.00 and $450.00 per window depending on the grade of the screen.

The types of screens available are as follows:

  • Grille screens – From $150.00 per window
  • Aluminium or steel screens (medium grade) – From $250.00 per window
  • Steel or stainless-steel screens (high grade) – From $300.00 per window
  • Steel or stainless-steel screens (extra heavy duty) – From $450.00 per window

Price is always something that needs to be considered when installing any security screen or security screen door, but the fantastic service we provide along with the window is second to none.

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