Leveraging a potent combination of a 1.6mm thick perforated aluminium sheet, Vision-Gard offers a unique feature—limiting the view for anyone trying to look into your property. This sheet is powder-coated in Australia to exacting standards, and the unique mesh design offers excellent visibility from the inside while providing privacy from the outside.

With a design that incorporates the latest advancements in material science, Vision-Gard stands out in build quality. It offers two retention options for flexibility:

  • Our bespoke Wedge PVC pressure retention system, and
  • Rivet retention with a covering strip for a discreet finish. This design ensures maximum durability and superior resistance to corrosion.

Encased in a strong frame, Vision-Gard offers unparalleled strength and privacy. Its pressure retention systems, free from corrosion-causing elements like certain screws or rivets, ensure the mesh is securely locked into the frame.

Standard on all Vision-Gard security doors is compliance with Australian security standards. In addition, it meets the criteria for Bushfire Prone Areas up to BAL-29 conditions, providing an added layer of safety and peace of mind for you and your family. Vision-Gard is also available in a variety of powder-coated colours and anodised finishes, allowing you to choose a product that seamlessly matches your home’s aesthetic.

Vision-Gard security doors undergo rigorous testing including knife and shear tests, as well as dynamic impact and jemmy tests, ensuring top-tier security. With a customisable range built to your exact specifications, Vision-Gard offers a versatile solution suitable for various residential applications, from hinged to sliding doors and security window screens.

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