Our Security Windows

When looking for secured windows ensure you are selecting the best quality product to ensure your family’s safety. It is important to trust your security to an experienced company who really cares about your protection and only manufacturers the highest quality security windows in Perth.

Custom screens have been supplying Perth with security products for over 30 years, our vast experience gives you the best advice, our manufacturing process ensures the highest quality and we only use the best materials giving you peace of mind and highly secure home.

Our security screen window range is not only secure but looks great and we have many styles and options to suit home and budget.

Diamond Security Grille

Diamond Security Grilles are a very affordable option for security windows, they can be powder coated to many colours to ensure the best look for your home, they can be matched to most security grille door’s you may already have on your home or business.

They are manufactured from high-grade aluminium and provide great security at an economical price. These security grille’s for windows and doors provide a great visual deterrent to would-be intruders.

Invisigard Security Screens

This type of security window screen is not only visually attractive but also offers a Clearview. This product is made from the highest grade 316 Marine grade stainless steel and does not require a grille or support bar offering unique visual attractiveness. This door is Burglar proof and corrosion-resistant and meets the highest impact resistant testing making it one of the strongest security screens on the market.

It can be powder coated to many different colours to ensure that it matches your home and décor. This screen comes with a 15-year screen warranty.

When looking for the ultimate solution in look and security look no further than Invisigard security solutions.

Alu-gard Security Screens

Alu-gard and Alu-gard edge window products are made from an aluminium sheet which is perforated and maintained by a frame. These doors are corrosion resistant and offer a clear vision look, these windows can be manufactured in a vast array of colours to ensure it matched with your current home or office décor. This security window screen has passed a knife shear test, Dynamic impact test and anti-burglar jemmy test.

If you would like more information on our other security products, visit our security door screen page, or take a look at our fly screens.

Call Custom screens today and book a FREE in-home consultation or get a quick quote by clicking on the quick quote button. One of our highly trained staff can come and asses your security requirements and suggest the best way to secure your home and ensure the best visual appearance. Call now on 9279 7444

Frequently Asked Questions

A security screen for windows is designed to offer the home or business owner protection from unwanted insects and intruders. If the screens are made of Stainless steel they offer a near impenetrable barrier for protection for you family and valuables. Such security solutions for windows can be attached to nearly any style of window and can be manufactured in a multitude of colours to match the look of your home or business fascia.

Our screens are effective to not only keep insects out but in protecting your family and assets, flyscreens can keep bugs out of your home although they are not effective in preventing a break in. Security windows are a very effective choice when you are wishing to stop burglary and forced entry. These products are effective when they are custom built to the window or door frame you want protected and are manufactured with high quality framing and stainless steel screens.

Screens for windows are made of a few different materials all with a different quality and protection level. These screens can be made of Aluminium Mesh and framing providing you with a good level of security or made with the highest quality material 316 Marine grade stainless steel, which is non corrosive and burglars find basically impenetrable . It is important to understand what you screen will be made of when getting quotes to secure your home.

Windows need screens for multiple reasons. One reason is to provide quality airflow throughout your home whilst protecting against insects from entering the home. Windows can have simple mesh screens which will provide the home airflow and insect protection, although they do not provide any level of security or safety to the occupants of the home. If you want to protect your family then windows need screens that are made of stainless steel or Aluminium, these screens not only look great but will give you peace of mind when leaving your home or family.

Windows should last up to and beyond 15 years for the highest quality stainless steel mesh screens, simple window mesh screens are not very durable and can be ripped or torn quite easily and do not offer a very long term usage. Our windows will last longer when cleaned and maintained correctly.

You should not remove your security window protection in a cyclone of they are high quality Stainless steel screens like Invisigard, these screens are designed to withstand high impact from debris and will provide the people inside of the home added protection from the Cyclonic conditions. It is important you should discuss the quality of your windows with the supplier to understand how effective they may be in a high wind/debris situation. If you live in a cyclone effected area it is suggested that you purchase a screen designed for these conditions.

You can buy security products from multiple dealers across Australia or in your home city. When buying security products always discuss the quality and warrantee offered on the product, what the screen is made out of and what is the level of protection it will offer. Some screens although made from Aluminium fail under a Hammer or crowbar attack, other screens will corrode and rust and inevitably fail. Screens made of 316 marine grade Stainless steel are generally the strongest and highest quality being nearly impenetrable to any would be burglar.

Our windows range in price from $300 up to $1000 depending on the quality of the window framing and screen. Generally you pay for what you get with the lower end of the pricing not offering a very good level of protection from home intrusion. The best or Highest level security for your home or business can be realised with stainless steel mesh screens which are basically impenetrable.