For the security-conscious Perth property owner, security window screens have become a necessity. Now more than ever, Australian properties are incorporating large windows in their design in order to maximise indoor natural light visibility.

Covering these large windows in conventional grille security screens is not an ideal solution as it can detract from the product’s visual appeal. By combining strength and aesthetics, our range of security window screens offers an unmatched level of style and protection.

As a local Perth business, we understand the heat of the West Australian summer season is not a trivial matter. Our security window screens have been designed to keep the cool inside and prevent insects and deter burglars from entering.

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Invisi-Gard® security window screens combine the power of marine grade 316 stainless steel and the energy and flexibility of aluminium to create a security window screen that looks great whilst providing excellent security. The Invisi-Gard® security screen has a 15-year warranty and a 24-month parts and labour warranty.



With a premium aluminium construction, the Alu-Gard® security window screen provides elite protection and unmatched aesthetics. The Alu-Gard® security screen has a 7-year warranty and a 24-month parts and labour warranty.



Specifically designed to withstand the force of windborne items under cyclone conditions and resist knife and impact attacks, the Invisi-Maxx® high-performance security window screen can protect your property from extreme weather events and unwanted intruders. The Invisi-Maxx® security screen has a 15-year warranty and a 24-month parts and labour warranty.