Kitform Aluminium Windows (CKD)

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Custom windows have been custom building aluminium windows and doors for the WA market for over 15 years, supplying and installing to other fabricators, builders, and architects in Perth and across country WA.

With the advancement and expansion of the company into one of Perth’s biggest wholesalers of custom-built aluminium windows, we have now added to our product offering.

We are now offering custom-built aluminium window kits (CKD) wholesale to the WA market. These can be easily assembled and installed by fabricators, cutting out the middleman and buying directly.

We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated business that prides itself on our quality and impeccable service. We work very closely with our customers to ensure a seamless process and high-quality finish on all aluminium kit window products.

Our window frames can be manufactured for single and double-glazed glass. We can also provide commercial kit windows and cyclonic-rated window systems.

Feel free to call our specialist team at Custom Windows and we can help you streamline your processes with easy-to-use aluminium window (CKD) kits.

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Aluminium door kit parts 1.


Aluminium door kit parts 2.


Aluminium door kit parts 3.


Aluminium window kit parts 1. Aluminium window kit parts 2. Aluminium window kit parts 3.


Advantages Of Our Aluminium Window Kits (CKD)



One of the key selling points of our aluminium kit windows is the significant cost savings they offer. By providing these windows in a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) format, we eliminate the need for middlemen, reducing both cost and time delays. Fabricators can assemble and install these window kits directly, allowing for more efficient use of resources and faster turnaround times for projects.

Versatility and Customisation

With a range of design options available, our aluminium kit windows are versatile enough to suit any architectural style or individual preference. Whether you’re interested in single or double-glazed windows or require cyclonic-rated window systems, we offer a custom solution to meet your needs. These windows are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, allowing for a unified look and feel across diverse building projects.

High-Quality, Durable Material

Aluminium is known for its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for windows that can withstand the test of time. Being 100% Australian-owned and operated, we adhere to high standards of quality control in the manufacturing process, ensuring that your aluminium kit windows are of the highest quality. They are not only strong and durable but also low-maintenance, saving you time and effort in the long run.

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Aluminium Window Kits

Introducing our Aluminium Window Kits (CKD), the perfect solution for a streamlined, cost-effective window installation process. Custom Windows has been crafting exceptional aluminium windows for the WA market for over 15 years, serving fabricators, builders, and architects in Perth and across country WA. Our kits come with pre-cut frame components, your choice of a single or double-glazing frame and comprehensive assembly instructions. Check out our range of Aluminium Window Kits below.