Custom Screens & Security have been providing Perth security doors, security screens and security windows for over 35 years.

We have recently expanded our business to include manufacturing aluminium doorsaluminium windows along with a Perth security door repair service.

Alu-Gard is a cost-effective way to have the security of aluminium mesh and the good looks of these types of security screens suitable for the Perth and Western Australian climate. This aluminium security screen is made of an aluminium sheet which is perforated and maintained by a frame.

The Alu-Gard security screen system looks good on your security doors and is corrosion resistant. It is the ultimate protection, strength and clarity of vision product for your home. All our security screens have a huge 24-month workmanship warranty and the Alu-Gard security screen holds a further 7-year warranty.

Alu-Gard Security Screens PDF   Aluminium Screen Colour Guide PDF

Alu-Gard Security Screens – Aluminium Construction

Alu-Gard security screen products make use of a solid and durable, non-corrosive aluminium sheet specifically powder coated and perforated to rigorous industry standards.

This sheet is maintained using a frame using our tough riveted aluminium wedge retention system. The final screen is the strongest and extremely safe from corrosion screen that offers clarity of vision. Our products come standard including a three-point locking system.

Alu-Gard Product Testing

Alu-Gard has been rigorously tested for its strength so you can have a piece of mind when away from your home and family.

  • Knife Shear Test – Pass
  • Dynamic Impact Test – Pass
  • Jemmy Test – Pass