Windows and doors are integral to every construction project. They play a pivotal role in every building, adding core functionality and providing aesthetic appeal. Custom windows and doors offer many advantages over standard designs, making them the preferred choice for many glaziers and project managers. Tailored products are faster and easier to install, and they align perfectly with the building’s design and natural environment. With the right products, bespoke windows and doors are capable of adding value to any residential or commercial development.


The construction industry in Western Australia never stands still. Builders and tradies need to satisfy the changing needs of homeowners and developers, satisfying architectural trends while managing tight budgets and deadlines. In this challenging environment, custom windows and doors are a fantastic way to add value. With access to high-quality products, glaziers benefit from faster installation while enhancing the practical and aesthetic appeal of the building.


There are many advantages associated with custom glass doors. From a practical perspective, tailored building products align better with building frames and surrounding spaces. There are also aesthetic benefits, with customisation making it easy to align with architectural styles and client specifications. Instead of designing spaces based on the dimensions of pre-made products, custom doors provide complete creative freedom.

Custom glass doors are capable of meeting diverse project specifications. From small residential homes to expansive commercial buildings, bespoke products can be installed in any environment. Custom glass doors allow glaziers to meet practical and stylistic demands without compromising on quality. Whether your client seeks a traditional, modern, or contemporary design, custom doors are sure to satisfy. At Custom Windows, we supply aluminium glass doors for glaziers, including kitform doors, bi-fold doors, French doors, hinged doors, and sliding doors.


If you work as a glazier in Perth, bespoke windows are a common sight. Custom windows can be designed for WA conditions and manufactured to meet the demands of the local climate. These windows also provide aesthetic benefits, meeting design preferences in the local community. At Custom Windows, we have a wide range of tailored window solutions for WA glaziers. As proud locals, we supply bespoke windows based on the region’s distinct environment.

We specialise in aluminium products, including kitform windows, awning windows, bi-fold windows, double hung windows, sliding windows, and more. Our bespoke windows are made to complement our doors and security products, so you can customise all aspects of your project. Our tailored windows are designed with integrity and manufactured to last. We use quality materials for maximum strength and resilience, and we pay close attention to aesthetics and performance with every design.


As a professional glazier or project manager, bespoke products make your life easier. Instead of being tied down to specific dimensions, you have complete freedom over the size and shape of your doors. This allows you to meet design and security challenges, so you can install products faster and with greater accuracy. Tailored doors are also loved by customers, as they’re a simple and affordable way to elevate any living space.

At Custom Windows, our doors are manufactured from various materials and available in several finishes. We have aluminium door kits, sliding doors, hinged doors, bi-fold doors, French doors, and stacker doors. We offer integrated security systems for all doors, along with bespoke windows for perfect integration. Whatever products you choose, custom doors can enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of any project.


Custom windows are preferred by many glaziers in Perth. They offer a range of functional and aesthetic benefits, and they cater to the city’s unique architectural and environmental demands. Perth and the surrounding area has a Mediterranean climate, which is categorised by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. In this type of environment, windows and doors help to ensure healthy airflow between exterior and interior spaces.

If you’re a professional glazier or project manager working in WA, you need a reliable source of aluminium doors, aluminium windows, and security screens. Whether you’re working on a single residential home or an expensive apartment complex, bespoke windows and doors can make all the difference to the success of your project. If you want to elevate your project and keep your customers happy, it’s important to collaborate with local manufacturers and suppliers.


At Custom Windows, we deliver tailored building solutions at a competitive price point. If you’re looking for bespoke doors and windows to take your project to the next level, our expert team is ready to help. Along with quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship, we offer extensive customer support before, during, and after the sale.

From product selection and customisation to installation and aftercare, we take care of everything. We don’t just sell isolated products; we deliver an integrated and comprehensive service. Whether you’re building a new house, renovating an apartment, or fulfilling a commercial contract, custom doors and windows make installation easy. When you choose bespoke buildings products, you can streamline project delivery and improve customer satisfaction.


Bespoke doors and windows offer many benefits over off-the-shelf designs. They provide a number of aesthetic benefits, meeting architectural considerations and aligning with the overall design. They also integrate more effectively with the built environment, offering practical advantages related to light, noise, security, and thermal insulation.

Tailored windows and doors are more energy efficient than other products. With dimensions that match the space and insulation properties that meet the natural environment, it’s possible to reduce heating and cooling costs. Bespoke doors and windows offer environmental advantages and potential savings, making them the smart and sustainable option.


Installing tailored doors and windows is the perfect way to elevate your project. At Custom Windows, we deliver custom doors and windows for glaziers and project managers. If you’re looking for top-quality products in Perth or across WA, contact our team for more information.