Custom Screens & Security have been providing Perth security doors, security screens and security windows for over 35 years.

We have recently expanded our home security business to include manufacturing aluminium doorsaluminium windows along with a Perth security door repair service.

Your door purchase can range from around $500 up to over $1000 for a security door and security screen, depending on the style of frame and quality of security the security screen.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a security door or screen it is important to consider what options are available to you and what exactly you expect the door and screen to do to make sure it’s worth it.

Are you looking for:

  • The ultimate in safety and strength
  • Clear vision crime safe doors
  • Federation or colonial styles with screens
  • Just an insect screen
  • Cost effective security for the whole home

There are many types of security doors available with different door fame designs and different levels of security screens quality and strength. Grill security doors are the most cost-effective way to provide some security for your home and contents, these doors are made from Aluminum and have a diamond design across the door.

You can choose decorative frames like colonial or federation style which can provide a fantastic look to match your home, these frames are strong and reliable and can be matched to any colour on your home. Security doors like the colonial or federation doors can also be made with a wood-look appearance, this can blend into the appearance of your home and provide a finish that your neighbors will be envious of.

Security screen doors are very popular, these doors are made from see-thru super-strong security mesh. This mesh is made from Aluminium or super-strong stainless steel, with the highest quality offering 360 marine grade stainless steel that is not only corrosion-resistant but nearly impenetrable to intruders.

The security screen you choose will vary in price, strength, and reliability. It is a reality that you get what you pay for, the quality of the doors and screens vary from company to company.

Custom-made doors can also vary in price depending on the size and configuration of the door you need to be manufactured.

It is suggested that you ensure that the door you choose meets Australian regulations and the company you choose has a history of providing a quality product.

Perth Security Door Prices – How Musecurity doors pricingch Should You Pay?


There are a lot of different options when it comes to security doors and screens. Custom screens offer a large range of styles which can suit your requirements, we strongly advise you have an idea in your mind of what you require and what colour or style will suit your home before diving into this process. If you don’t know, that is not a problem, as we can organise one of our very experienced staff to visit your home to help you. Custom Screens Offer the Following Range have a look through by clicking on the links below.

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