Custom Screens & Security have been providing Perth security doors, security screens and security windows for over 35 years.

We have recently expanded our home security business to include manufacturing aluminium doorsaluminium windows along with a Perth security door repair service.

For homeowners, security doors are playing a huge part in the overall home security by protecting the entrance. A lot of buildings feature an ornate timber security door as an element of the front of the property. Previously it was actually a real challenge to provide federation style cast panels that were used as a true security screen as a result of the open nature of the cast aluminium panels.

Decorative Security Doors

Using 100.0% recycled aluminium through a die-cast, federation security doors offer great looks and safety. To capture that added touch of character to your home we offer a large range of designs, powder coated to a colour that matches your house perfectly.

These security doors can be matched with one of our security screens to provide you with the safety and style to perfectly suit your home. Federation security doors are perfect because you will have your peace of mind while enjoying decorative doors or a special period design.

All the various styles available are actually very much like standard doors. The biggest exception being they are fancier with great features such as centre spindles, corner frets or multiple centre bars. All our doors are custom-made to fit your needs while satisfying your tastes. Federation security doors are installed on the outside to complement your home’s style and design.

We can offer just about any design, but these doors are actually manufactured as flyscreen doors, not security doors. It can be difficult to provide a federation style cast panel door that is really a security door. This is because of the open attributes of cast aluminium panels.

One such door, the Invisi-Gard federation security door integrates excellent strength along with great security with a 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh. This federation door also comes with ornamental aluminium cast panels to provide a great looking door while giving owners excellent security.

Using a singular, patented EGP Retention System, Invisi-Gard federation style security doors can be purchased as either a sliding door or hinged door. These doors can be ordered to cover glass sidelights as well. A 316 marine-grade stainless steel mesh is incorporated in all Invisi-Gard stainless steel security products because this mesh is hand over fist above all other stainless steel security and are corrosion resistant.

The product’s durability and performance are major factors when choosing the security door you want. All Invisi-Gard style security doors have been tried and true by Australian Standards AS5039-2008. You will be absolutely certain that you are choosing the very best Stainless Steel Security Products on the market.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • A large assortment of designs
  • Various options for mesh
  • A large choice of colours
  • Durability and quality

When looking for the best quality in front entry security doors, consider installing Custom Screens and Security products’. Our products offer a great line of quality doors in an assortment of designs and colours to match your taste and style. If security is a factor, take a look at their Invisi-Gard federation doors. Not only will you find excellent workmanship, but you will also have the very best strength and durability along with top of the line security.

All our products come with a huge 24-month parts and labour warranty and up to 15 years on the security screens. More on our screens here!

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