Invisi-Scape® emergency escape security screens offer a simple keyless escape method in the event of a fire or an emergency situation. The need to escape through a window is one that we hope you will never require, however with the Invisi-Scape® system you have confidence in not only additional security but also peace of mind in an emergency. Our Invisi-Scape® security screens are designed with your safety as our primary concern, providing a simple and rapid exit solution during emergencies.

The quick and easy ‘press to release’ mechanism allows you to get out quickly in the event of an emergency. Simply press the lever to unlock and push open the screen in one smooth and easy motion. The handle releases the screen after only 20° of movement, aiding in a speedy escape when required. This quick-release function is one of the many reasons why homeowners and businesses across Perth and country WA choose Invisi-Scape® emergency escape screens for their properties.



The Invisi-Scape® screen also doubles as a hinged screen for ease of opening and cleaning. The screens are available as inward or outward openings and either top or side-hinged, depending on the window type and opening size. Our Invisi-Scape® team can help you determine what the best option is for your needs.


The integrated internal sash handle gives consistent clean lines around the internal sash frame. Its increased rigidity helps to reduce any flex when closing large screens. When you choose Invisi-Scape® security screens, you’re choosing streamlined design coupled with superior strength.


The Invisi-Scape® perimeter frame has been developed to increase strength, reduce fabrication time and improve the frame aesthetic. By locating the screw flute into the hollow perimeter frame, fixings have now been concealed improving both the system’s security and high-end finish. Invisi-Scape® continues to push boundaries in the field of emergency escape screens, ensuring you have the best protection available.


With its smooth external face and reduced frame width, the Invisi-Scape® sash now allows for an increased open mesh area that provides not only greater visibility and increased airflow but also gives your home a more modern and contemporary appearance. We’ve reduced the clearance between the sash and the perimeter frame to minimise any possibility of a pinch point for fingers and added bulb seals to remove noise from any screen movement under extreme weather conditions when the screen latch is closed. Invisi-Scape® security screens offer unmatched aesthetics without compromising on safety.


Invisi-Scape® is BAL rated to protect your home against bushfires in areas from BAL-LOW up to and including BAL-40. You can trust the strength and reliability of Invisi-Scape® Perth to safeguard your home in the most demanding conditions.


The Invisi-Scape® emergency escape screens come equipped with a user-friendly screen release lever. This enhances the overall security and efficiency of the Invisi-Scape® security screen, providing a quick and easy escape method in the case of an emergency. With the simple press of the lever, the screen unlatches after just 20° of movement, aiding in a prompt exit when required. Whether it’s a fire or any other emergency, trust in Invisi-Scape® Perth to provide a reliable means of escape.




With Invisi-Gard® screens, you are investing in the highest standard of protection for your home or business. Available in 316 Grade (0.8mm) Stainless Steel, the screens have demonstrated exceptional resilience in Dynamic Impact, Jemmy and Knife Shear Tests, exceeding Australian standard requirements without failure. These screens offer unbeatable protection, ensuring your property is well-defended against potential threats.


When you need a higher level of protection, turn to Invisi-Maxx. These ultra-security protected, cyclone rated screens boast a robust design, featuring 304 Grade (1.2mm) and 316 Grade (0.8mm) options, capable of withstanding impacts up to 44m/sec. Choose Invisi-Maxx for your emergency escape screens when strength and heavy-duty security are of the utmost importance.



At Custom Screens, we understand that every home and business has unique needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of customisation options for our Invisi-Scape® emergency escape screens. With a wide variety of colour options available, you can choose the perfect match for your property’s aesthetic. We also provide different hinge configuration options for optimal functionality. Whether you prefer a top hinged or side hinged design, our Invisi-Scape® Perth screens can be tailored to suit your needs. Don’t compromise on safety or style – choose Custom Screens for your security needs.

To learn more about our products and services, we invite you to contact our team of experts. Whether you’re looking to secure a residential property or a commercial building, we’re confident in our ability to provide you with the best emergency escape screens Perth has to offer.

We wholesale and supply all over WA.

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