Enjoy Uninterrupted Views of the Outdoors

The ProVista™ Sashless Double Hung Window consists of two panes of glass, which glide smoothly past each other to give you an unobstructed view of the great outdoors. Whether the window is open or closed, you can enjoy the view and lots of natural light flooding the room.

The minimalist design offers more than just a nice aesthetic. Provista™ Sashless Windows are constructed to provide the maximum ventilation, allowing plenty of fresh air when opened but have a tight seal to ensure no air escapes when closed. Their excellent energy efficiency makes them well-suited to all seasons while helping you save on your power bill.

Aluminium Windows Colour Guide PDF


Invest in High-Performance Windows

Looking for more than ventilation and aesthetics? These amazing windows offer outstanding protection. They offer fantastic water, bushfire, acoustic, and energy performance. Come rain or shine, your beautiful ProVista™ Double Hung Windows will protect your property from the elements. Being sashless, they do away with all the extra bulky pieces that crown your window without serving an actual purpose.