Aluminium Window Replacement

Custom Screens can be relied upon to provide you and your home with quality aluminum window products in Perth and surrounding areas in Western Australia including Mandurah. We have been established for over 30 years and have gathered a vast amount of experience which we can share with you to ensure you get the best product and the best service in Perth. We have the latest in manufacturing Machinery which again ensures a high-quality finish and installation. We only use high-quality trained staff and not contractors.

Custom Screens prides itself on its Customer service, we are truly the experts for all of your awning windows, bifold windows, sliding windows, and double-hung window replacements.

If you are looking to give your home a makeover removing and replacing old worn wooden windows or worn out old steel windows is a great way to improve the overall look and security of your home. A new Alu window can also improve the energy efficiency of your home helping keep the cold and heat out helping your home heating & cooling systems to work more efficiently. If you are looking for even greater energy efficiency and sound cancellation we can also offer double glazing options with most of our window replacements in Perth and Mandurah.

New windows are low maintenance and don’t require painting giving you more time to do the things you like rather than each year stripping and repainting old windows and frames.
Custom Screens offer a huge range of colours for you to choose from, every window comes powder coated in your choice of colour that will suit your home and style.



All Aluminum Window Replacement jobs use only the highest quality of products



We only choose to use the Carinya range of windows. The Carinya products have been developed in response to an approach by a leading home builder for superior quality at an affordable price. We can help you choose what will best suit your requirements, by choosing custom screens you are choosing a choice of products that will fulfil your requirements and live up to any expectations.

All Window Replacements use the exclusive Carinya window systems, these high quality and affordable products are used by some of the largest builders and architects in Perth and Australia. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work so all our windows are covered by our huge 7 year structural warranty replacement.

We also install double glazed windows.

Call custom Screens today and one of qualified staff can come to your home and show you the range of windows we can supply and offer you a free quote. Call 9279 7444 now or fill in a quick quote form and we will get back you ASAP.


How much are aluminium windows in perth?


Aluminum windows range from $200 (supply only) for a standard size sliding window to $600 (fully installed) for a standard-sized sliding window. There are different styles of windows that incur additional charges:

Awning windows range from $330 supply only or from $750 fully installed on your home, you can choose from many colours.

Double hung windows range from $ 580 supply only or from $ 1100 fully installed and Bi-fold windows 3 panels starting from $ 3200 installed.

Are you thinking of replacing your old windows with a new aluminum window?

Don’t know exactly what options are available to you?

Don’t worry we can help you, we have over 30 years experience in servicing the Perth Metro and Mandurah metro areas and replacing old windows with new ones.

With our vast amount of experience, we can help you put together a Window replacement option that will meet your expectations in usage and quality.

There is a wide array of options for Aluminium products and Custom Windows offers a large range of styles, colours and functionality which will suit your requirements.

It’s a good idea to think about what colour and style you may like in your home or business before getting an Aluminium Window Replacement price. If you have no idea then that is absolutely fine, we can organise one of our very experienced staff to visit your home to help you. Custom Windows Offer the Following Range of Windows to look through by clicking on the links below.

  • Sliding Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Bi-Fold Windows
  • Awning Windows

For a fast response and a price fill out the Quick Quote form and we will get back to you within 2 working days, or call our sales area on (08) 9279 7444 to book a free home consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing which windows you should use for your home or business, ensure you choose a high-performance window system over a project builder window system. Most new homes are built with the entry level window designs. These designs are manufactured for cost effectiveness for the building industry and not focussed on the best long-term performance for your home. When replacing your old windows, you should only use a high-performance window system, this will save you money in the long term and provide you the best solution for your home. Carinya windows are designed for the Australian conditions and are respected as the Premium product for residential and business solutions, these windows will provide you the best performance in cold and hot temperatures and ensuring long lasting quality. Custom screens choose to use Carinya window systems and offer a 7-year replacement warranty.

Our windows can be custom made to fit most window sizes, windows are structurally strong and require low maintenance. Our window frames can be fitted with many glass type options including double glazing for better noise reduction and heat & cold resistance. These windows can be powder coated to match nearly any colour and hold warranties from 5 years up to 7 years for the highest quality systems. Custom screens use the Carinya range of windows as they are designed for the Australian conditions and provide the best performance all year round.

An aluminium frame is a window frame that is made of aluminium. The frame can be custom made to hold many sizes and types of glass, because of its strength aluminium frames can be thinner making them a highly durable lighter window. Aluminium frames will not rust, bend, rot and are generally maintenance free. Such frames are not affected by UV rays and can be powder coated to most colours to match your home or business

The best place to buy windows is from a credible company. When buying windows, it is very important to ensure you are getting a premium quality frame like the Carinya range of windows. Ensure the window supplier uses product that meets the national construction code. A high-quality window will come with a replacement warranty ranging from 5 years to 7 years. Poor or cheap quality window frames will warp, dent and have poor quality powder coating. Incorrect installation of windows will leave gaps for air leakage affecting the performance rating of the window letting in the cold and the heat. Always choose a company that is credible and has been in business for a good length of time. Check the companies reviews before purchasing. Click Here to see Custom Screens reviews.

These types of windows are better than PVC windows as they have some important differences. These windows have a life expectancy of around 45 years, with uPVC frames only expected to last 25-35 years dependant on regular window maintenance. This type of window is structurally stronger that PVC so can be custom made with a slimmer appearance and can hold a larger glass due to the strength of the alu-made frame. Our window frames are powder coated which is extremely durable and will provide and finish that lasts a long time which makes them better than the PVC window option.

Windows can be integrated with security screens where PVC are very limited with their screening options. Not having the option to leave your windows open safely would be a major disadvantage especially in Perth with its hot weather and the afternoon cooling of the FREO doctor. Adding security screens to uPVC may void manufacturer’s warranty as the security frame would need to be screwed into the PVC frame.

Aluminium made windows are better than wood windows based on these important differences. These windows are cheaper than wood in most cases with material requiring little to no maintenance. Wood is prone to expansion and contraction and prone to warping, maintenance for wood is essentially high and requires regular sealing and painting, if wood is not maintained correctly and the seal is broken allowing in moisture wood can rot and they will generally need replacing. These windows can made in any colour requirement to match your home or business, some windows can be powder coated in many wood finishes, so you can have the look of wood with the durability and strength of aluminium. Both Alu made windows and wood windows will improve the value of your home.

Our windows can range in price from $200 (supply only) for a standard size sliding window to $600 (fully installed) for a standard sized sliding window. There are different styles of windows that incur additional charges:

  • Awning windows from $330 supply only or from $750 fully installed
  • Double hung windows from $ 580 supply only or from $ 1100 fully installed
  • Bi-fold windows 3 panels from $ 3200 installed

The glass also can be adjusted based on requirements at additional costs from standard glass, Grey glass and Double glazing. Always ensure you discuss these options with a reputable experienced company to ensure you are receiving the best solution for your home.

Our windows are not as expensive as wooden windows but are slightly more expensive than PVC windows. They have many styles and quality which will also affect the total price. In the long-term these windows will save you money as they are

  • very strong and low maintenance.
  • Windows wont warp,
  • Will not rot or twist like wood or PVC options can.

These windows are not expensive if you ensure you buy a high-quality framing system these systems save you money helping to keep out heat and cold. These quality frames are powder coated to the highest level ensuring long lasting finishes. Always buy from a reputable company that has been in business for a long time and has great reviews. The best quality windows systems have a 7-year replacement warranty.

These windows are better than timber windows based on these important differences.

  • Windows are generally cheaper than wood
  • Windows require very little maintenance.
  • Wood is prone to expansion and contraction and prone to warping.
  • Windows can be manufactured in any colour requirement to match your home or business.
  • Some windows can be powder coated with a wood look coating, so you can have the look of wood with the durability and strength of aluminium.
  • Maintenance for wood is essentially high and requires regular sealing and painting
  • If wood is not maintained correctly and the seal is broken allowing in moisture wood can rot and will generally need replacing.

Although both Aluminium and wood made windows will improve the value of your home.

The best time to install your windows is when you are building your new home or to replace your existing windows. Windows are generally supplied in the construction of all new homes to the builder’s request.

Older home across Perth have many different types of windows ranging from steel, wood and old aluminium designs, these windows can be replaced at any time of the year, dependant on rainfall on the installation day.

It is most beneficial to have your new windows in for Summer, the best quality made windows will not only let in the breeze but will help to keep out the heat or cold. Always ensure you choose a reputable company and choose the best window system like the Carinya window systems. High quality windows will last, keep their visual appearance, help keep out the harsh climate and be covered by a 7-year warranty.

Our windows can have security mesh added during the install process or mesh can be added after. Most alu made window styles will accept mesh inserted into the frame or can be custom built with mesh include in the window design.

Bifold window are the exception to most other window types and cannot have mesh built into the frame. Bifold windows can have an external frame manufactured which will then allow you to have a retractable mesh screen with this window type.

The types of mesh available range in price and quality, always choose to deal with a reputable company. Security Mesh for windows range in price from $250 up to $450 per standard sized window. Make sure the mesh you choose passes the Australian standards and comes with a warranty, the best mesh on the market comes with a 15-year warranty.

The best way to clean and care for your windows is as follows,

  • Wash down with clean water removing as much dust/grime as possible
  • Mix warm water and a mild detergent in a bucket (do not use abrasive cleaners)
  • Using a soft sponge wash down the window and frame
  • Rinse off with clean water

The best way to clean the hardware on an window including any exposed Hangars, Hinges, Pivots & Brackets,

  • Ensure they are washed and rinsed (as above)
  • Remove any further grit or dust with a clean soft rag
  • Add a light spray of corrosion preventative (like INOX)
  • Drop bolts should be sprayed with a silicone-based lubricant at the sliding pin inside the bolt

On stainless steel hardware built up surface rust can be removed with a mild abrasive cleaner.