Swan Evo Hinge Doors combine functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. Coming in at 47 mm and 70 mm thicknesses, these doors offer superior performance and protection, even with Western Australia’s harsh climate.

Thanks to the engineered design, these doors can be used in three major configurations — hinged, pivoted, or sliding. They also integrate seamlessly with other commercial door frames, removing the need for custom door frame designs.

Swan Evo has a brand-new clamping spigot set. The precise design allows for easy fitting without sacrificing performance. The doors are easy to set up, and they function seamlessly for longer periods.

Best of all the doors have integrated heel and toe blocks as well as captive glazing. The results are door panels that stay in place and smooth operation. Even if your storefront faces heavy-duty use, you won’t face any sagging issues, misalignment, or displacement.


The Custom Windows team has trusted experts that help you maximise the Proglide Sliding Door’s features. We can supply these products to your residential or commercial property, helping you gain protection, aesthetics, and durability for your sliding door system. With the new sash and sill designs, you’ll enjoy additional advantages you never knew were possible.


We do not just supply Proglide Sliding Doors. Our team can also create a design that suits your needs and preferences. Then, we can supply the materials you need. Let us help create the sliding door system that provides the right functionality while withstanding the Western Australian climate.