Designed with a 1.6mm thick aluminium sheet, perforated and powder-coated in compliance with Australian standards, Vision-Gard Security Windows are much more than just a barrier. They serve as a shield for your home while limiting visibility from the outside, thereby ensuring your privacy is well guarded.

Versatility comes built into every Vision-Gard Security Window. You can opt for either our custom Wedge PVC pressure retention system or a rivet-based retention system, each designed to maximise durability and resist corrosion. These retention systems, coupled with an uncompromising frame, provide an unyielding safeguard against external forces.

Compliance is a key feature in our Vision-Gard Security Windows. These windows not only meet Australian safety standards but are also suitable for Bushfire Prone Areas up to BAL-29. Choose from a variety of colours, available in powder-coated and anodised finishes, to make your new windows a seamless addition to your home’s aesthetic.

Subjected to rigorous testing that includes knife and shear tests, dynamic impact, and jemmy tests, Vision-Gard Security Windows offer the utmost in home security. They can be customised for a range of residential applications including casement windows, awning windows, and sliding windows.

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