Custom Screens & Security have been providing Perth security doors, security screens and security windows for over 35 years.

We have recently expanded our home security business to include manufacturing aluminium doors, aluminium windows along with a Perth security door repair service.

Firstly, let’s discuss what a security door can do. Not only is it a visual deterrent to any prospective would-be thieves, but it is also a physical barrier against attempted break-ins.

Is your security door in proper working order?

There are a few reasons why you might need your security door repaired, lets look at why it might not be actually working properly first.

Do you have:

  • Wear & tear to your door handle, locking system or hinges?
  • Is your self-closing hydraulic closer no longer working effectively?
  • Has your security screen mesh been damaged or is it loose in the door frame?

Custom Screens can Help! We offer comprehensive screen door repairs services in Perth.

With over 35 years of experience, you can rely on us to repair a wide variety of security doors.

Is the Security Mesh Screen On My Old Security Door Able to be Replaced?

Aluminium Door Re-mesh and Repairs

Are your old aluminium doors looking worn out, lost their colour and strength?

Custom Screens can bring them back to life or replace them with a new security door. If you did not wish to get a new security door your current security screen door can be re-meshed, there are multiple options available. You can repair your door with super-strong see-through mesh making it not only look new but increase the protection for your family.

Custom Screens has been servicing Perth for over 35 years and all of our security door installers are police cleared and very experienced in the security industry, providing quality screen door repair services across Perth.

We can bring your old steel door back to life by refurbishing or re-meshing any old aluminium door in a wide choice of screens to make it new again. We also offer a complete lock repair/replacement service at very competitive prices.

Does My Lock or Handle Need Replacing?

When you lock your security door, do you need to jiggle the handle, force the lock or adjust the door to make it lock?

Unfortunately, that means your security door may be easier to break into, when your locking mechanism is not working properly it can fault easily.

Instead of hiring a locksmith let our experts do it for you. Our team can repair your lock, or if it’s past repair, replace it with a brand locking system, including upgrading to a 3-point system in some cases.

It really is not worth risking the safety of your family and contents, get your lock repaired today, most of these can be fixed onsite quickly and easily.

Custom Screens is a licenced security installation and repairs company in Perth. Our Security Licence Number is SA01131.

Can Custom Screens Repair My Security Door?

Custom Screens offers a quality security door repairs service in Perth.

You can email us a picture of the broken/damaged mesh, or the handle and lock and we can quote your repairs online or over the phone.

If your door is too damaged to repair Custom Screens can supply you with a brand new door to match your requirement.

How Do You Repair a Security Screen Door?

Once we have established what repairs are required with your security door we can let you know if the repairs can be done at your home in Perth (for locks and handles ) or we will need to remove the security door for repairs and take it to our factory (security screen replacement).

Can My Security Screen Door Be Repaired?

Repairs can be made to most security doors and security screens, Even if your door is slightly bent.

Custom Screens have been servicing Perth for over 35 years so our staff have the experience to be able to make the adjustments required, replace your Locks/hardware to ensure your home is secure.

Can the Security Screen on My Door Be Repaired?

If the security screen on your door is damaged it is likely it will need to be replaced to ensure the security door actually protects your home.

Custom Screens would remove the security door, take it to our factory for repairs. The old screen would be removed, the structure checked and strengthened and a new security screen or your choice inserted into the door.