At Custom Windows, we can provide high-quality Proglide Sliding Doors that are rich with features and customisation options. The main highlight of this product is the new sash options, which result in doors that have thicker glass and double glazing. You can ensure proper ventilation on your property without having to sacrifice energy efficiency or ease of use.

The upgraded sliding doors also have innovative sill sections with drop-in tracks. These are designed for easy replacement and increased water performance. In addition, the sills effectively hide drainage slots, improving the door system’s overall aesthetic.

In double and triple-track configurations, the gutter sills can be used in flush sill applications. For effective water drainage, the gutter seals have aluminium or stainless steel grates integrated into the design.

The Proglide Sliding Doors also have additional features like:

  • Interlock combinations for height and wind load requirements
  • Standard lock stiles
  • Wide stile options



We do not just supply Proglide Sliding Doors. Our team can also create a design that suits your needs and preferences. Then, we can supply the materials you need. Let us help create the sliding door system that provides the right functionality while withstanding the Western Australian climate.


The Custom Windows team has trusted experts that help you maximise the Proglide Sliding Door’s features. We can supply these products to your residential or commercial property, helping you gain protection, aesthetics, and durability for your sliding door system. With the new sash and sill designs, you’ll enjoy additional advantages you never knew were possible.