Perth capital in West Australia has been the most isolated city for decades. What people do not know is that Perth harbors the most beautiful beach sceneries ever. The beaches stand out as they can accommodate surfers, beach walkers, and even families to have fun. Some of the best beaches include;

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe usually referred to as Cott by most locals is a charmer. Its sand features a brown colour. The sand feel is so soft even as you walk on it. Cottesloe terraces are grassed giving the beachgoers some comfy grounds to relax. Talk about the haphazard growing Norfolk pines; they are so appealing to walk under their shade and have some family fun time. The beach looks, most appealing in the morning hours since the winds have not yet started blowing. Cottesloe is safe for everyone. The kids have their fun too. The concrete pylon thrills the kids as they compete clambering onto it. Just as you cross the road, Cottesloe pub serves to provide refreshments to re-hydrate your body. Cottesloe is a must visit the beach.

Bathers Beach

Bathers beach flanked between the rock breakwaters of South Head and the Challenger harbor. The two sceneries exhibit cultural features that are awesome to explore. It is a secluded place that offers a cool environment to those who love solitude. The beach happens to be the first in Australia to be given a liquor permit. Early morning hours are convenient to visit the beach. At this time, the sand feels soft below the feet, and the waves are small. Thus, a soothing feel. Bathers beach is surrounded by the Fremantle. Fremantle’s artistic 300meters stretch of sand is a beautiful city treasure. The presence of restaurants and nearby pubs and cafes serve to offer refreshments and a relaxing ground. Bathers beach is best for everyone in the exemption of surfers.

City Beach

city beach aerial viewCity beach lies approximately close to Perth’s City Centre. It is a fifteen minutes’ drive from Perth city. City beach features a variety of restaurants such as the Odyssea, Hamptons and the Rice. Odyssea is stylish, but the prices are affordable. Hamptons is for a classic crowd whereas the Rise is a Pizza Inn. City beach is graced with side cafes which serve as playgrounds. The presence of shaded grass areas serves to offer shelter when it is too hot. The beach is a lovely place to be. It is popular for evening meetings as people come together to watch the sunset. City beach suits everyone; either body surfers, beach walkers or even families.

Leighton Beach

Leighton beach exhibits features that are similar to those in the Caribbean. The sand at the beach is sparkling white. The site of the sand is blinding due to the whiteness. Beachgoers are advised to carry with them their sunglasses. The waters at these beaches are great for paddling. The water does not go deep, and the waves happen to be soothing small. Leighton beach is flat hence offering good grounds for kite surfers and windsurfers especially on blowing moments. Locals at this beach have great days. They awaken headed to the beach, with them, they have umbrellas, sunscreen, food, and drinks to last them the day. Bib & Tucker stands out to provide lunch and an excellent site to watch the coast as one relaxes.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is one of the most preferred Perth’s offshore island beaches. It is commonly referred to as Rotto by the locals. Rottnest Island exists due to limestone eruptions that originated from the Indian ocean. The eruptions yielded these exceptional three island beaches. The sand at these beaches features a dazzling white colour. The water is super clear, and of course, the lover’s caves do not miss. The most amazing sceneries to visit are; The Longreach, Basin and Thompson Bay which serves as the hub of the island. Rottnest island beach is best for diving, boating snorkeling and also swimming.

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