Fishing activity has been significant operation in the Western Australia lifestyle. The activity has been operational since the people identified massive water around the area.

The indigenous inhabitants practice fishing as a daily routine to earn a living. It is possible to learn and fish a range of fish species. There are different fishing points found in Perth Western Australia. The region is the State’s tropical and temperate fishing spot. Fishing at Perth offers the best experience for most of the residents and visitors. The fishing operations take place during the summer time of the year.

The months November until March provided the best moments of fishing in Perth. This article offers the fishing spots in Perth West Australia.

Two Rocks

rsz_big_white_snapper_fish_caught (1)Two Rocks is among the best fishing sports at Perth West Australia. Its place has a range of good beaches and reef fishing spots. It is in these places that anglers target Mulloway and Tailor. There exist several 4wd tracks at the north of the Two Rocks that drive along the beach to look for gutters and reef to fish.

Participants in the Two Rockfish Skippy, Tailor and Herring. A long stretch beach lies at the south of Two Rock. The beach hosts many reefy patches that provide a conducive place for Tailor that sleep in metal slugs and poppers. Additionally, the Tailor sleep in shallow diving minnow lures.

North Mole Fremantle

This is another good fishing spot in Perth West Australia. The place hosts most King George Whiting species, Skippy and Herring. Other common bread includes Bonito, Salmon, Sambos and decent sized squid and shark positive remarks from the visitors emerge after a visit of fishing experience. Perth owns a lot of jetties for fishing along the rivers. It is possible to catch much fish when having a canoe or a boat.

South Rock Wall, Hillarys

South Rock Wall is one of the best places to fish while in Perth West Australia. The water comes in the morning and crystal clear. During such times, it is easy to discover schools of fish from a distance. It is possible to use small rods because there is little to find snagged at the place. Mullies offer the best results because South Rock Wall has many Tailors. Fishers can use the bottom rigs to fish until late night to get much fish. Different fish species include Whiting, Herring, Garfish, Squid and Flounder. While fishing at the place, it is essential to be keen while fishing at South Rock because of the dangerous sea breeze that happens during the day.

Rottnest Island

getting hooks and lines readyRottnest is another important fishing spot in Perth, Rotto provides the best opportunity for hooking on to a favorable place. When a fisher spends enough time, it is guaranteed to catch plenty of fish at Rottnest Island. The Island hosts species like Whiting, Tailor, and Herring. Fishing on this island is successful when done from the beach, rocks or even boat.


This is a surf beach fishing spot located in the northern part of Perth. Many fishermen go for deeper gutters. Further, it is possible to get Mulloways at night.

These fishing spots in Perth West Australia offers the best fishing points in the State.

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