Perth Western Australia is a lovely place to live and an exciting vacation destination. One thing in common that any visitor or resident to Perth has is that they need to eat. Going out to eat can be convenient and fun. The following is a list of some of the best restaurants that the city has to offer:

1. Friends Restaurant

Friends Restaurant is located at Fortescue Centre on 20 Terrace Road. It has beautiful views as well as traditional Australian cuisine. The walls are made of glass so diners can stare out into the lovely scenery. The wines served are also award-winning selections.

Many people also note that the service is great, so this is an added perk. Expect to have some fine dining as the meals are usually served in courses.

2. C Restaurant in the Sky

If you like dining looking down on the city, then this is the restaurant for you. It is located on the 133rd floor of St Georges Terrace. It may be one of the pricier joints, but most patrons agree that it is worth the price. For example, expect a three-course meal to cost around one hundred dollars.

This restaurant also serves traditional High Tea. If you have an allergy, expect to be accommodated by these folks. They offer a gluten-free menu.

3. The Groove Train in Fremantle

Freemantle markets are renowned in Perth for their fresh seafood. This restaurant though caters to all tastes not just to crustacean lovers. They are located at Collie Street in The Millennium Center. If you are vegetarian or gluten-free, then you are in luck because their menu contains options for both. Enjoy a variety of cuisine types that are reasonably priced to a little more on the expensive side.

4. Sushia Izakaya

If you are a die-hard Japanese cuisine fan, then try out Sushia Izakaya. They are located in Brookfield Place, which used to be a ghost town but is now alive and vibrant. It would be a great time to explore all the seafood that Australia has to offer with some sake on the side. If you want to order the lunch menu, then it is $60 per person. But remember that your whole table has to also acquiesce to the order or they will not serve it to you.

5. Mister Walker

Mister Walker is a beautiful restaurant in South Perth. On average, a person can expect to spend $45-50 dollars for a meal. The restaurant is owned by Brett Walker, who is very active on social media to reply to many of the patrons who have visited his establishment. You can find his place on the Mends Street Jetty. It overlooks the Swan River.

The head chef Alem Requesto caters to vegetarians, vegans, and those who eat gluten-free. A person who loves this joint can eat breakfast, lunch, and diner here. With so many versatile options, it’s no wonder that this place is in high demand. So stop in for a muffin and coffee or wine with dinner.

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