Looking for a way to improve the energy efficiency of your home in the Perth climate and enjoy a usable and attractive new addition to your home, Custom Windows can help you with a double glazed aluminium door .

A well designed double glazed aluminium door will not only look great but can improve the level of comfort in your home. It wont matter if its winter or summer double glazed doors will help the energy efficiency in your home or business as well as help keep the noise out.

Carinya double glazed systems

Custom Windows only uses the highest quality aluminium door product Carinya. Carinya is widely respected as one of the highest quality products available in Perh. Custom Windows has over 30 years experience supplying quality products to Perth Metro and Mandurah areas. Together with our experience and the quality of Carinya we can properly configure a door system including Double glazing which can help save money and reduce your energy bills and impact on the environment.

The Carinya door systems are designed to accept thick glass and double glazing with the use of any adaptors or added material giving you the best finish available on the market. On of the most important things in the energy efficiency of an aluminium door or window is the glass, performance Glass helps to keep a consistent temperature in your home in the winter and summer months, without having to overwork your heating and cooling systems, giving you optimal performance and saving you money

Double glazed doors especially large doors with performance glass allows the sun to naturally warm your home in winter and if built properly and configured correctly can keep out the heat in Summer.

Talk to one of our qualified designers and they can help you configure the best window orientation and help you choose the correct performance glass for each part of your home.

Custom Windows can manufacture and install double glazing or performance glass on the following products

Call today & book a free home consultation with one of our highly trained staff and let them show you how affordable and Energy Efficient our Carinya doors with Double glazing Performance glass can be. Call 0892797444 now or fill in a Quick quote form and we will organise a free quote at your home.