How security doors can help protect your home

The alfresco area of a house which has double sliding security doors installed.

Unfortunately, home invasions are becoming more common in this day and age. It’s emotionally difficult for most of us to return home and find out our homes have been violated by burglars.

No matter where you reside, it’s really important to look into installing security screen measures in order to protect your family and home. By installing a security door system, you are heading in the right direction for your home’s security. Not only will this system give you peace of mind, but will also signal to potential intruders that your home is not an easy target.

Even though it might seem logical that security doors are a very effective way to protect your home, you might not truly grasp the reasons why. This article aims to give you a very clear understanding of how security doors can protect you and your family from trespassers.

Discover through this expanded discussion what security doors from Custom Screens can do to protect your home and family and also provide you peace of mind.

A Strong, Unyielding Home

A security door system immediately makes your home unyielding to break-ins. Burglars are often looking for easy access through front and back doors, preferring quick entrance and exit points. Standard wooden doors or sliding doors are no match for a door that is laser-cut steel and extremely tough. Your average burglar, using basic tools such as a crowbar, will find themselves at a loss against a robust security door system. These doors are so difficult to bypass that burglars will spend too much time trying, increasing their risk of being caught. This deterrence is crucial in securing your home against unlawful entry.


Thieves do not simply choose a house at random; they scope out their target in advance, noting when you and your family are home. They look for weaknesses in door frames, exterior doors, and windows—identifying easy entry points. This surveillance could last from a few hours to up to a week. The emotional toll of losing personal treasures can be devastating, beyond the monetary loss.

While alarm systems and outdoor lights are excellent security measures, they may not always prevent burglars from entering, especially if the burglars are skilled enough to disable these systems. A comprehensive security system, including security doors and screens, significantly lowers the chances of a home invasion.


Do Security Doors Prevent Break-Ins?

Security doors are a critical component of a home security system. They serve as a physical barrier to deter thieves and make forced entry much more difficult, thereby reducing the likelihood of break-ins.

Is It Worth Getting a Security Door?

Investing in a security door is highly beneficial for both peace of mind and the physical security of your home. It is a deterrent to thieves and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s entry points.

How Do I Protect My House from Intruders?

To protect your house from intruders, consider the following steps:

Install security doors at key entry points.

  • Use a comprehensive home security system that includes alarms, security cameras, and motion sensors.
  • Improve exterior lighting to eliminate dark spots around your home.
  • Use security screens on windows to prevent easy access.
  • Implement additional security measures such as using a dog sign to deter thieves, even if you don’t own a dog.

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