How to clean a Security door or Security Screen

How do you clean your Security screens and Security doors?

Congratulations on securing your home with Security screens and Security Doors, so now what is the best way to keep the maintained?

Why do I need to wash my security screens and security doors?

It is important to understand that your doors are not only protecting you and your family, but they also must face your local climate and weather conditions. Over time dust, salt, grime, high mineral dust, grime and pollutants accumulate on your Security doors and screens. Security screen mesh acts a little bit like a air filter, the security mesh can hold contaminants, dirt and even over time salt can accumulate and crystallise on the security door or screen. Some of these contaminants can attack the powder coating and some metals of the door frame or security screen.

Where your home or business is located can also be a factor, there are many different types of climates, some climates may not require as frequent cleaning of you security screens as other harsher areas. For example some rural areas with no red dirt and a distance away from a marine environment may only need cleaning attention every 6 months. Alternately if you are near an Industrial area or a heavy urban zone where the flow of different pollutants are higher you will need to attend to cleaning your screens and doors more often. These types of environments would require your screens to be cleaned every two to three months. If you live right next to an Industrial factory or within 10-15km from the Coast you should clean your doors more regularly, around 3-5 weeks. If you live in a normal urban area or suburb that is over 15-20km from the coast then twice a year should suffice.

Location / Environment of Screens Cleaning Times
More than 15km from a Salt coastline* Mild – 3 to 6 months
Between 5km to 10kn from a saltwater coastline* Moderate- 2 to 3 months
Between 2km to 5 km from a saltwater coastline* Marine – 2 to 4 weeks 
Less than 1km from a saltwater coastline* Heavy Marine 1 to 2 weeks 
  • Note: Not all screens are designed to be able to withstand a Marine/Salt Coastal environment. Please check with your supplier to ensure you are receiving the best non-corrosive option available to suit your location.



What do I use to clean the security screen and Security Door?

It is suggested to only use a mild detergent Highly diluted for the washing the screens. You can use a sponge or a very soft brush to apply the detergent and help remove the dust/grime/salt etc. DO NOT use Abrasive cleaners or brushed that can scratch or damage the surface on the doors which can lead to compromised coatings on some doors or screens. You can use a Vacuum (soft head) or air blower initially to help remove excess dirt/dust in the screens.

How to clean the security screen and Security Door.


Using water from your garden hose, wash down the security door or security screens and remove as much surface contaminant as possible, you can use a high pressure hose but it is suggested to stand back far enough as to not direct a strong pressure on the screens so the paint on the doors and screens are not affected, most pressure washer come with a car washing attachment this may be the best option to use ( do not use bore or tank water because of its high mineral content). Alternatively, you can use a vacuum with a soft head attachment to remove excess dust and dirt, do not have the vacuum set to high suction and ensure there are no sharp pieces that can scratch the security door or security screen.


Mix up some mild detergent in a bucket with warm water, do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners, most car wash detergents are fine. Using a soft cloth, sponge or a soft bristle brush or broom wash down the security doors or security screens, rinse these items regularly so they keep clean and not hold sand etc which can scratch the door. Note: keep water out of the locking system


Once you have cleaned over the doors and screens ensuring attention on the perforation holes to remove built up contaminants, Hose down the security door or security screen to ensure all the detergent is removed. It is suggested that you dry the doors down with a soft towel to remove excess water. Again ensure that water does not enter the locking systems..

.What about the locking system?

You can use a light spray of WD40 into the lock system to help protect it, If it is becoming hard to lock or sticky you should contact a locksmith or your security provider.

What else should I Know before cleaning my security screens or doors?

Keeping your Security doors and Security screens in the best condition with not only mean they will be in the best working order but will also ensure they look their best for many years to come.