How to clean security screen doors

It’s important that your security screen doors are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to look their very best and function effectively.

We have found that many individuals are unsure as to how to properly clean their security doors, so they tend to avoid doing it altogether.

However, neglecting to maintain your security screen doors can lead to stubborn dirt, grime and dust debris build-up, which negatively affects the operation and aesthetics of your door.

Within this blog post, we will teach you the most effective, quickest and easiest way to clean your security doors!

Why Do I Need to Clean My Security Screen Door?

More than any other door in your home, your security screen door needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Security doors don’t just protect your home from potential intruders and break-ins, but also unwanted environmental debris.

Over time, dirt, grime and dust (and salt deposits if you live near the coastline) will accumulate on your security screen. This debris, if not removed, can damage the powder coating on your door frame and security screen.

Regular cleaning your security door will help to maintain its appearance and prolong its lifespan.

How Often Should I Clean My Security Screen Door?

How often you clean your security door will depend on how much traffic it gets and your surrounding environment. In general, we recommend cleaning your security screen door at least twice a year.

If you are located near an industrial area or a heavy urban zone, you may need to clean your security screens every two to three months.

For those located near the coastline, you will have to clean your screens around every three to five weeks due to higher salt air levels in the environment.

Environmental Location Screen Doors and Windows Cleaning Times
More than 15km from a salt coastline* Mild – 3 to 6 months
5km – 10km from a saltwater coastline* Moderate – 2 to 3 months
2km – 5km from a saltwater coastline* Marine – 2 to 4 weeks
Less than 1km from a saltwater coastline* Heavy Marine – 1 to 2 weeks

*Note: Not all security screens are designed to be able to withstand a marine/salt coastal environment. Please check with your supplier to ensure you are receiving the best non-corrosive option available to suit your location.

What Do I Need to Clean My Security Screen Door?

Cleaning screens is a simple process that only requires a few household items. You will need:

  •  • Mild soap detergent or car wash
  •  • Sponge, soft brush or soft cloth (do not use abrasive cleaners or brushes that can scratch or damage the surface on the doors)
  •  • Vacuum or air blower (optional)
  •  • Water bucket
  •  • Garden hose
  •  • Old dry towel or microfibre cloth

How to Clean Security Screen Doors (3 Steps)

1. Hose Down the Security Screen and Door Frame

Using water from your garden hose, wash down the entire screen and try to remove as much surface debris as possible.

Alternatively, you can use a vacuum with a soft head attachment to remove excess dust and dirt. You can utilise a vacuum to reach all the grooves within your security door frame.

Please note: If you decide to use your vacuum, ensure that it is not set to high-suction and that there are no sharp pieces that could potentially scratch the security door or security screen. Do not use bore water or tank water to wash down the screens because it contains high mineral content.


2. Hand Wash the Security Screen and Door Frame

Mix some mild detergent and warm water in a bucket to create a cleaning solution. Using a soft cloth, sponge or soft bristle brush, gently scrub and wash down the security screen and door frame to remove any loose dirt or stubborn grime build-up.

Thoroughly check the security screen perforation holes for any build-up of contaminants.

Please note: Keep water out of the security door locking mechanism. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners or harsh brushes that can cause surface scratches or damage the security screen mesh or powder coating.


3. Hose Down to Remove Suds & Dirt

Once you have hand-washed your security screens, remove the remaining soapy residue, dirt and detergent with a final hose down.

Use a dry cloth to wipe down your security screen doors with a soft towel to remove any excess water and leave it to air dry. Again, ensure that no water enters the door’s locking system.

How to Clean Your Security Door Locking System

You can use a light spray of WD40 on your security door locking system to help protect it. If your door is having difficulty locking/is sticky, contact your security screen provider.

What Else Should I Know Before Cleaning Security Doors?

Every security screen provider will have its own set of manufacturers warranty terms and conditions. Please note that some companies will require you to follow their maintenance instructions.

Ensure that you register your warranty with your door manufacturer at the time of installation.

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