Replacing your old windows with energy efficient windows


Replacing Your Old Windows With Energy Efficient Windows Is The Right Thing To Do

You probably are not aware that your old windows are costing you more money on your utility bills than you know. Many of the old, traditional windows that were single-pane glass and aluminium framed windows, dropped energy efficiency drastically. Today, many residential homes are losing between 20% to 30% of cooling and heating through their windows and doors.

This has brought about the complete redesign of replacement windows which will solve your energy-loss problems.

While glass is a heat conductor, old windows often have a 2” gap in the wall, allowing air to escape and reducing energy efficiency. Old or poorly constructed windows force your heating systems and air systems to work overtime to make your home a comfortable environment. HVAC systems consume an excessive amount of energy, leading to a very expensive utility bill.

Most old windows have poor U and R values because they were made from untreated single-pane glass. This makes for very vulnerable heat absorption and loss of heat. The U-factor measures emissivity and R-value measures heat loss resistance. Emissivity means the ability of a surface to emit radiant energy. Energy-efficient windows offer low emissivity to prevent the escape of heat through the windows to separate the condition of your indoor environment from the outside environment.

New replacement windows are designed to prevent the absorption and transfer of heat to preserve your home’s interior temperatures while resisting various weather changes outside. Not only will you experience a great deal more comfortable, but will save you a great deal on your utility bills. Replacement windows are the best way to cut back on your heating cooling costs and are critical to retaining heat during the winter months and a cooler environment during the summer months.


Below, are clear signs that you need to replace your old windows:

If your windows develop a build-up of frost and condensation, place your hand on the glass. If the windows are extremely cold or extremely hot, they’re letting you know it’s time to replace your old windows.

During the winter months, if you are sitting near a window, you might discover it’s much colder than anywhere else in the house. Also, if you have draughts throughout your house, you are losing valuable heat, due to your poor, inefficient window.

Pay attention to the condition of your windows: are they cracked or are the window frames rotting and cracking? If so you need new windows.

Many homeowners will settle for older windows with single-pane glass because they believe they cannot afford the newer, energy-efficient windows. Keep in mind, if you choose to stay with older windows, in the long run, you will be spending more on your utility bills. By replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows, you will immediately start seeing an improvement in lower utility bills and experience a great deal more comfort.

The conditions mentioned above are clear signs that your old windows need to be replaced. As the winter months start approaching, you should get your windows replaced as soon as possible. Once the temperature starts dropping, you are going to be quite uncomfortable and cranking the heat will not do much except add to your bill.

If you want to improve the longevity of your windows and the security of your home, consider installing durable security windows.