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Help your customers renovate their Busselton property or provide protection from break-ins and bushfires with our state-of-the-art security screen doors and windows & custom-made aluminium windows and doors.

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Custom Busselton Security Doors, Screens & Windows

Custom Screens & Security have been offering wholesale (order, pack and send) security products to Busselton and throughout country and metropolitan Western Australia for over forty years. We specialise in providing wholesale security solutions to property developers, glazing and window companies, maintenance contractors, small to medium-scale businesses, commercial contractors, the building and construction industry, and the mining sector. We also manufacture and supply custom-made aluminium window and door solutions to suit your project.

For trade and commercial customers, we offer the ability to purchase our products at a much lower price point through our online wholesale bulk ordering system. Contact us today to become an authorised Custom Screens & Security trade wholesaler and receive expert support so you have time to focus on what truly matters.

  • Quick and easy online ordering system
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment
  • Fast and precise turn-around
  • Pack and send straight to Busselton, WA
  • Urgent express service by request
  • Over 40 years of manufacturing and design experience
  • Comprehensive product warranties
  • Manufactured right here in Western Australia


All products we manufacture and supply have been custom-designed in-house by our experienced team to meet our customer’s unique requirements and exact specifications. We only use premium stainless steel and aluminium materials when manufacturing our products to ensure optimal strength, durability and protection for years to come. For those located within a WA cyclone or bushfire hotspots, our security screens are not just cyclonic and BAL-40 tested and compliant, they exceed Australian Standards.

Product available to pack and send to your business in Busselton, WA:

  • Security screen doors
  • Security screen windows
  • Invisi-Maxx cyclone-rated screen doors and windows
  • Invisi-Scape emergency escape screens
  • Invisi-Gard 316 marine-grade screen doors and windows
  • Custom-made aluminium doors
  • Custom-made aluminium windows

The Busselton Security Door & Window Specialists

Custom Screens & Security have been providing premium commercial and residential security solutions to our valued Perth metro and country WA customers for over forty years. All of our Busselton security screen doors and windows are manufactured to guarantee maximum levels of strength, durability and protection. With a huge range of colours, finishes and styles available, our specialist design team can create a custom product that perfectly matches your customer's property's look and feel.  To see if Custom Screens& Security can help your business, call (08) 9279 7444, email sales@customscreens.com.au, or submit an online contact enquiry today!

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Busselton, nestled in the scenic South West region of Western Australia, is unfortunately marked by relatively higher rates of property damage, theft, and break-ins compared to other parts of the state. While local authorities are working diligently to address these concerns, it has become increasingly crucial for property owners to enhance their security measures.

In light of these statistics, options like Alu-Gard security screens and Invisi-Gard security screens and doors by Custom Screens come out on top. These high-quality, robust solutions offer exceptional protection without compromising the look of your property. Don’t wait for a security breach to take action. Secure your property today with our Busselton security screen doors and windows, and ensure your peace of mind. Get in touch with Custom Screens & Security today.




Busselton’s weather, typical of Western Australia’s South West region, is marked by warm, dry summers and cooler, wet winters. With its coastal location, Busselton can also experience strong winds and storms, especially during winter months. These conditions make it so the installation of robust security screens are necessary, and that they can withstand not just potential intruders, but also the harsh weather elements.

With Custom Screens & Security’s selection of security screens in Busselton, you can protect your property against both these threats. Invest in our security screens for your property to safeguard against break-ins and weather-related damages. Our team is ready to help you select the best solution to meet your specific needs and environment. Contact Custom Screens & Security today and ensure the safety and resilience of your property.



When it comes to combining style, durability, and security in Busselton, aluminium windows and doors are an exceptional choice. Not only do they offer a sleek, modern aesthetic, but their robust nature also provides an extra layer of protection for your home or business.

At Custom Windows, we highly recommend considering single or double-glazed aluminium windows and doors. The single-glazed option offers excellent durability and insulation, while double-glazing takes it a step further by enhancing energy efficiency and noise reduction. Plus, for those looking for a more tailored solution, we also offer a comprehensive Aluminium Window and Door Kit Range (CKD). These kits allow you the flexibility to customise according to your specific needs and are simple to assemble, offering a streamlined and cost-effective option.

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Why Choose Custom Screens & Security?

Custom Screens & Security is proudly a 100% Western Australian, family-owned and operated company. Our service philosophy is the very same as it was when we began operating more than 40 years ago – the client comes first. Our professional and friendly team are dedicated to delivering you an outstanding service experience and an honest, upfront quote as quickly as possible. Our security products are manufactured locally in WA and 100% custom-made to match our customer’s exact needs and requirements. Ensure the security of your customer's properties by partnering with Custom Screens & Security today.

Easy online ordering system
Advanced manufacturing techniques & equipment
Fast and precise turn-around
Pack and send to anywhere in WA
Urgent express service by request
Two WA product display showrooms
40+ years operating in WA
Comprehensive product warranties
Local WA manufacturing

About Our Custom-Made Security Products

Custom Screens & Security offers unrivalled security and style across our range of security products. We specialise in providing custom-made security screens, security doors and security window solutions and are dedicated to consistently providing our valued customers with outstanding service and premium-grade products.

All of our security products provide maximum protection against unwanted visitors without compromising on aesthetic and build quality. We’re confident in this guarantee because our manufacturing process has been refined to adhere to the highest standards in our industry. With over forty years of manufacturing experience, trust that we can manufacture you a product that is not just unrivalled in quality, but custom-designed to meet your exact requirements. Ensure the security of your customer's WA property by partnering with Custom Screens & Security today.

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Custom Screens & Security's high-quality security screens can help keep your client's home or business safe and secure.

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Security screen doors that are custom-made to exactly meet your unique specifications and requirements.

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Security screen windows made from high-grade materials in order to guarantee maximum strength, durability and protection.

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At Custom Screens & Security, we believe that we will not be beaten for value, quality, service, and range. With over four decades of operating within Perth and country Western Australia, trust that Custom Screens & Security have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the perfect security solution, no matter your budget or unique requirements. To see if Custom Screens & Security can help your business, call (08) 9279 7444, email sales@customscreens.com.au, or submit an online contact enquiry today!

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