All mechanical items need a level of maintenance, this may include lubrication. It is the Customers responsibility to lubricate mechanical items. Custom Screens recommend every 6 months, this will ensure maximum life out of the products.

All items will require a level of cleaning to ensure product longevity and correct operation.

Perth is a coastal city, with higher than average salt in the air, as a result, items can deteriorate. This salt will/can damage the powder-coating if not cleaned off and affect mechanical parts if not kept lubricated appropriately.


Custom Screens recommends the following cleaning times dependant on distance from the coast

  • 10km or less distance from the coast  – Cleaning Interval suggested  -Every  4-6 weeks
  • 10km to 15km radius from the coast   – Cleaning Interval Suggested – Every 3 months
  • Beyond 15km distance from the coast – Cleaning Interval Suggested – Every  6 months