What you do not know about aluminium


We all know how amazing aluminium’s properties are, it’s strong, will not rust or corrode, will not discolour or warp. It is, without a doubt, the very best material for windows and doors. That said, here are other reasons why aluminium should be your top choice because of everything you never knew about this amazing metal!


Aluminium Is Not A Pure Form Of Nature:

Within the Earth’s crust, aluminium accounts for a mere 8% total mass. There are well over 270 different materials that make up aluminium, and its prime material is bauxite, which is an ore.


Aluminium Is The Most Popular Metal Around The World:

Its diverse range of product use is huge! Probably the most famous is aluminium foil or for the manufacturing of soda cans. It’s used on aircraft components, Hi-Fi products and high-quality windows and doors.


The Ancient Greeks & Romans:

The ancient Greeks and Romans used aluminium as an astringent and for dying clothing.


First Isolated In 1825:

Hans Christian Oersted, a Danish physicist & chemist, first isolated its unique properties in 1825. He is also famous for discovering the connection between magnetism and electricity.


Was Once Considered More Valuable Than Gold:

Until 1825, there was no clear way to isolate and create aluminium as we know it today. But, Napoleon III, served his famous guests plates and cutlery made from aluminium. Socially, lower-class guests were given gold and silver! At one point, it was considered the most valuable metal in the world until the 1800s. It was more valuable than even gold!


In 1886 The Process Of Creating Aluminium Began:

The process for creating commercially viable aluminium began in 1886 and is still processed the same way today. The actual process was invented by two scientists from different ends of the world. Charles Martin Hall, Ohio, USA and Paul L.T. Heroult, Paris, France. In recognition of their joint accomplishment and invention, the process is known as the Hall-Heroult Process.


In 1925 Aluminium Became Aluminum:

While “Aluminium” is the international spelling of the metal, according to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, the US changed the spelling in 1925. This came about when the American Chemical Society reverted back to “Aluminum” which still stands as the correct spelling within the USA today.

Is There Aluminium On The Moon?

Yes! As a matter of fact, the moon’s surface is made up of 7% aluminium along with many other materials. It does open up the possibilities of, someday, mining on the moon.


Aluminium Resists Corrosion:

Aluminium does not corrode because it loses electrons, or oxidises, very easily. Unlike iron, aluminium oxide coats the original metal, protecting it from damage.


Precious Gems Consist Of Aluminium:

Believe it or not, many precious gems contain aluminium compounds including Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies. Also, Topaz, Jade, Turquoise and Aquamarine have these compounds as well.


An Incredibly Recyclable Metal:

It only takes 5% of the initial energy to recycle aluminium. Making this the most recycled metal to date.

The average Boeing 747 contains 66,000 kilogrammes of aluminium! The main body of the Boeing 747, the fuselage, is a framework of beams and ribs, and all the parts are made from lightweight aluminium alloys (mixed with other metals including copper and zinc for toughness). The outer skin is also made out of aluminium and is only 5 millimetres (0.2 inches) thick.


The Majority Of Aluminium Created Is Still Used Today:

Around 75% of all the aluminium ever created is still being used today. This is due to its durability and recyclability.

Above are some of the most fascinating facts about aluminium and its miraculous materials. With its inability to rust and corrode, amazing strength and exceptionally stunning appearance, it will continue to be the most popular choice for windows and doors in homes and commercial properties for a very long time.

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