What you need to consider when buying security screens


Security screens are durable and easy to install and will not only provide an excellent level of protection for your home, but will be very attractive while adding value to your home. Screen security doors are extremely popular due to their great variety of designs and can be coloured to match your personal taste and requirements.

Before you go rushing out to buy new screen security doors, it’s important you understand all the advantages and how they will benefit you and your family. Here are some important points you should consider when buying security screens:


The Seamless Flow Of Fresh Air:

Security screen doors offer a wire mesh design that allows for wonderful fresh air to flow throughout your home without any obstructions. On top of that, the wire mesh will keep winged predators out while you enjoy fresh air flowing through each room of your home.

Security screen doors are perfect if you have a pet or two. Whether you want to ensure they do not get outside or want them to stay outdoors for a few hours, these screen doors offer a perfect barrier. You will enjoy the day hours of great breezes while keeping your four-legged friends safe and in place.


Excellent Privacy:

Due to their quality design, the thickness and angle of the mesh will keep prying eyes out of your home while they pass by. These security screen doors allow you to look out but others cannot look in, similar to a 2-way mirror.


Enjoy Great Peace Of Mind:

Security screen doors will give you the opportunity to enjoy great peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about becoming vulnerable while you and your family are sleeping. You can keep the window open at night without any fears of a break-in.


Burglar Resistance:

Professional burglars will monitor your home for a few hours to a week. They will watch your activities of coming and going, look for weak points in the structure of your home and decide the fastest way to get in and get out. Having multiple security screen doors installed will definitely decrease the chances of your home being targeted while giving you the level of protection you deserve.


Installation and Maintenance Made Easy:

Security screen doors work just like a regular aluminium door offering a simple hinge and lock system, unlike some overly complex home security systems. These doors are designed to add to the appearance of your home and not look out of place. Even though these security screen doors look very simple, you will experience the highest level of protection from invaders.

To get more information and suggestions before purchasing security screen doors, please contact Custom Screens. We are the leading experts in home security throughout the industry. We are here to help you with any questions and offer our many years of experience in choosing your security screen doors. Protecting our homes and families is a constant concern in this day and age.

Choosing the best quality, impenetrable doors is the very best thing you can do to protect your home and loved ones.